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This website provides a general overview of what smart meters and smart grids are and what they can do for you, but there are differences in the way smart metering and smart grids are being developed in each country and region.

Find out what is happening in your country

Here you can find helpful materials – in your own language and including videos and animations – on what is happening in your country (where smart metering and smart grid activities are underway). Helpful overviews of what is happening at European level are also provided.

Explanatory materials have been provided by companies with advanced smart metering and smart grids activities, although these may not necessarily be operating in your area. Please note this list is non-exhaustive.

Smart metering status: 
  • Roll-out completed in Italy, Finland, Sweden
  • Roll-outs planned or underway  by Austria, Denmark, Estonia, France, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Romania and UK
  • This means that around 2020, 17 European Member States will have rolled out smart meters! 
  • Smart meters to be provided to customers fitting specific profile (for example, high energy users like industry) in Germany, Slovakia
  • No decision yet taken by government in Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Portugal, Slovenia 
  • Governments have decided against rolling out smart metering in Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania for the time being.
Smart grid status: 

Over 459 projects (2014)

JRC Figure 2.13 Number of projects per stage of development and country 2014 Source: European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC), Smart Grid Projects Outlook 2014 


Helpful material

Organisation Description Link
European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC)

The Smart Grid Projects Outlook 2014, produced by the European Commission’s JRC, including a status review of smart metering roll-outs and decisions across the EU’s member states (2013 data).

European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC)

Accompanying the Smart Grid Projects Outlook 2014 is an interactive map of the smart grid projects.

European Commission

This section of the European Commission’s website is  dedicated to the development of smart grids and smart  metering in Europe. 

European Commission Benchmarking report on smart metering deployment in the EU-27 with a focus on electricity (available in all EU languages).
European Commission

The “European Energy Consumer's Rights” brochure lays out the rights you have as a consumer, wherever you live in the EU.

European Commission European Commission listing of data protection / privacy related legislation.
European Parliament

This report, prepared and approved by your local representatives in the European Parliament, assesses the potential benefits for local communities and regions of smart grids.